Revenue comparison biomethane

Revenue comparison biomethane

Entering the biomethane fuel sector or selling power and heat instead?
Electricity is generated from biogas by combined heat and power (CHP). Cogeneration can be described as a thermodynamic process. In this process, energy is converted into mechanical or electrical energy and usable heat. Electricity and heat are produced as co-products.

But what is biomethane? And how is it used?

Biomethane is produced by upgrading biogas. During the upgrading process, the associated gas carbon dioxide is separated from the raw biogas. Various technical processes can be used here. The product gas resulting from upgrading is also purified from other components during the process. Characteristically, the biomethane produced in this way can be equated with natural gas and fed into the natural gas grid.

As a result, biomethane can be used without hesitation wherever natural gas is otherwise used. Biomethane can therefore be used for combined heat and power production (CHP), direct heat generation, material use in the chemical industry, and as a fuel in the form of bio-CNG and bio-LNG.
Accordingly, there are several paths that you can take.

In this context, entering the biomethane fuel sector offers you good prospects through the sale of biomethane and the GHG quota.

In order to have a first estimation whether an entry into the biomethane fuel sector or rather the sale of electricity and heat is most profitable for you, you can use our revenue comparison tool:

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