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With the Renewable Energy Directive II, the possibility was created to credit negative emissions for biomethane for the fuel sector via the fermentation of manure and slurry in biogas plants. Currently, the savings must be calculated individually for manure quantities with a dry matter content less than or equal to 10%. The manure bonus calculator can be used to calculate an initial estimate of the presumed savings for the substrate in question. For this purpose, only the dry matter content in %, the MJ per kg fresh matter and the potential methane yield per ton of fresh matter in standard cubic meters have to be specified.

Please enter your values in the following calculator to have the expected slurry bonus calculated.

1- Substrate:

2- CO2eq credit

TS content %

Calorific value MJ/kg fresh mass

Energy per t substrate in MJ

Credit gCO2eq per MJ energy

Credit g CO2eq/t FM

3- Energy in recovered biomethane

Methane yield in m3/t FM

Heating value/m3 Methane in MJ

Heating value/t FM in MJ

Savings in gCO2eq/MJ

Savings in gCO2eq/MJ

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