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In the agriportcast of agriportance GmbH you will dive into the fascinating world of biomethane and sustainable energy. We take you on a journey along the entire value chain and let you participate in conversations with customers, colleagues and political representatives. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive impression of biomethane, bio-LNG and liquid CO2, while providing insight into the current developments and challenges of the biomethane industry.

Our podcast episodes cover a variety of topics relevant to both agriculture and the market economy. We talk to farmers who use biomass to produce biomethane and learn more about their experiences, challenges and successes. In doing so, we also shed light on the economic aspects and the contribution of biomethane to the energy transition and climate protection.

In addition, experts from the biomethane industry will also have their say, providing information on the current framework conditions and political developments. We discuss the support measures, legal requirements and political strategies that are driving the use of biomethane. We also look at international best practices and learn from successful examples from other countries.

However, our podcast not only provides technical information, but also gives an insight into the current environment of the biomethane industry. We look at trends and innovations that are driving the use of biomethane forward and opening up new areas of application. For example, we look at the use of biomethane in the transport sector, in industry or in heat supply.

So the agriportcast of agriportance GmbH offers you a versatile and exciting mix of professional know-how, current developments and personal experiences. We want to inspire you, inform you and make you think. Immerse yourself in the world of biomethane and sustainable energy and enjoy our podcast. Have fun listening in!

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agriportcast 1: The foundation of agriportance

The first episode of the agriportcast is all about the genesis of agriportance GmbH. The founder Henning Dicks gives insights on the way from the first idea generation during the lockdown to agriportance becoming a team with more than 12 people
has grown. Joining us is Tobias Klöpper as host of the podcast

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agriportcast 2: CNG, electric and hydrogen mobility in passenger transport

In the second episode of the agriportcast everything revolves around the different forms of propulsion in personal mobility. Helena Karatassios from the agriportance team reports on her experiences from scientific projects on the topic of renewable energies on the one hand and from the perspective of a potential car buyer on the other.
Joining us to host the podcast is Tobias Klöpper.

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