Greenhouse gas balancing for biogas plants

Your advantages: Have GHG balances calculated

Have greenhouse gas balances calculated professionally
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    Professional and well-founded greenhouse gas balancing
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    Comprehensive explanation of the balance sheet
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    Uncover potential for improvement.
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    Result within 7 working days.
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    Reduce GHG values and thereby increase biomethane profits.
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    Optimize your operation.
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Experts calculation

Exploit optimization potential

Recognize potentials

Broad portfolio of services

How sustainable and efficient is your biogas plant really? 

We'll find out with our greenhouse gas balancing! Correct and transparent GHG balancing is not only a legal requirement, but also your opportunity to demonstrate and improve the sustainability and efficiency of your biogas plant. Our experts collect and analyze all relevant data to capture the entire greenhouse gas emission chain of your plant. This enables us to help you identify and exploit potential for improvement.

We work closely with the REDcert and ISCC certification systems. You will receive a verified calculation of your biogas system, which you can send to the certification body.

What we accomplish in preparing your greenhouse gas balance sheet:

  • Certification of your biomethane
  • Optimization of the operation of the plant by identifying the indicators of the CO2 value and being able to give you a recommendation for action to achieve an improvement
  • investment decision, by calculating different variants of the CO2 value we

Contact us for a balance sheet and take the first step towards a more efficient and sustainable business. more sustainable operation!

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