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We are one of the leading platform for comprehensive biomethane services and sustainable product solutions. As an expert in the field of biomethane and LCO2 brokerage, GHG balancing, support for REDcert and ISCC sustainability certifications, mass balancing, and the provision of training and consulting services, we offer a coordinated product portfolio for your biomethane projects.

Whether you are a company looking to purchase biomethane or LCO2 or you are looking to have it professionally brokered, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plan a biomethane project, or are looking for comprehensive biomethane training, you have come to the right place.

Our expertise and customized solutions help you market your products lucratively, achieve your environmental goals and make a positive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

biomethane shopping

Biomethane buy

We broker biomethane in your desired quantity and quality in a fair and transparent way

  • We offer you the opportunity to purchase high-quality biomethane for your applications.
  • Rely on our experience and network to cost-effectively acquire biomethane and reduce your environmental footprint.
    • Biomethane procurement
    • cost-efficient
    • Reduction of the ecological footprint
    • Expertise and network.


Biomethane sell

Use our service to successfully sell your biomethane through us.

We support you in presenting your biomethane products and offer you access to a broad customer base.

  • Biomethane marketing
  • large network
  • attractive compensation

LCO2 buy

Are you looking for high quality LCO2? With us you can buy LCO2 reliably and in desired quantity.

Take advantage of our wide selection of LCO2 suppliers and get the best deals.

  • Reliable purchase of LCO2
  • wide range of suppliers
  • best offers
  • high quality product
  • convenient procurement process
  • personal contact persons


LCO2 sell

Discover the benefits of selling LCO2 and use our platform to successfully market your products.

With our broad network and expertise, we can help you find buyers with long-term or short-term contracts and achieve a competitive price.

  • Marketing of LCO2
  • Network of potential buyers
  • fair, lucrative pricing
  • Support expertise

Accompaniment during  Sustainability certification REDcert

agriportance accompanies biomethane producers and farmers on their way through the certification process in the REDcert or ISCC system. The company provides support through its own developed software for greenhouse gas balances in order to subsequently broker the biomethane with GHG quota to reliable buyers.


Accompaniment during  Sustainability certification ISCC

agriportance accompanies producers of biomethane in the certification process in the ISCC system. With our trained team you will receive professional support in the sustainability certification.


Creation of the GHG accounting

A greenhouse gas balance for biogas plants enables the assessment of the climate impact of the plant. Emissions and savings along the entire value chain are considered. This helps to uncover optimization potentials and thus contributes to the improvement of climate compatibility and economic efficiency.


Creation of the Manual for the audit

The Sustainability Certification Audit Handbook provides a comprehensive guide for companies seeking to prepare for the certification process. The added value for potential clients is that they receive a practical resource to help them understand the requirements, overcome potential challenges, and complete a successful audit. The manual saves time and resources by minimizing potential errors and delays.

biomass calculation-mass balancing

Creation of a Mass balancing

Mass balancing of a biomethane plant is an essential step to ensure the sustainability and quality of biomethane production. Mass balancing allows potential customers to ensure that their plant is operating efficiently, meets the required standards, and complies with certification requirements. The added value is that customers receive a transparent procedure to check and improve the sustainability of their production process.


Individual Trainings and professional seminars

We offer training courses and specialist seminars on all aspects of biomethane. We attach great importance to tailoring the seminars precisely to your requirements. We train you and your team on the biomethane topics that are currently relevant to you.

Benefit from our expertise in your training courses and seminars.

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Your advantages of our services

As a potential customer, you will benefit from:

Biomethane & LCO2: As one of the leading suppliers of biomethane, we enable you to buy and sell biomethane and LCO2. Our wide range of products meets all quality standards and supports you in the transition to a sustainable energy supply.

Expert advice: Our highly qualified experts are at your side to provide sound advice on all aspects of REDcert and ISCC sustainability certification. We support you in complying with the required regulations and implementing effective sustainability practices.

GHG balancing & mass balancingWe offer mass balancing of a biomethane plant as well as greenhouse gas balancing of biomethane.

Trainings and professional trainings: Our seminars and specialist training courses offer you valuable knowledge and practical experience in the field of biomethane. Whether you want to train your employees or expand your own expertise, our training programs are designed to give you the knowledge you need.

Practical manual: Our comprehensive Sustainability Certification Audit Manual puts all relevant information and best practices at your fingertips. It's an indispensable tool for companies looking to take their sustainability efforts to the next level.

Individual project consulting: If you are planning a biomethane project or are already in the process of implementing it, we offer specialized consulting services. Our experts are at your side and support you in developing and optimizing your project strategy.