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With our GHG balance software you can easily and quickly create your GHG balance according to REDcert-EU or ISCC-EU. Everything is included, from the use of mineral fertilizers for cultivated biomass to the electricity consumption of your biomethane processing plant. In addition, you can store the necessary verification documents directly in the system. After data entry, everything can be easily shared with your certification body.

It has never been so easy to create a greenhouse gas balance or mass balance!

Our Mass balance software enables the complete documentation of all biomass activities that contribute to the generation of sustainable energy. This allows you to create a mass balance that meets the requirements of REDcert-EU, ISCC-EU or SURE-EU. This simplifies your verification processes and gives you a comprehensive overview of your biomass portfolio at all times. You can record all biomass, biogas and biomethane suppliers within the system. It also allows you to record the inflows and outflows of these energy sources with the respective certifications. Automated background processes ensure a plausibility check of your entries, for example by calculating theoretical biogas yields from the biomass.

It has never been so easy!

Create greenhouse gas balances & mass balances smartly

Say goodbye to confusing tables and tedious manual data entry. Our software offers you everything you need for accurate and efficient accounting.

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