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Sell organic LCO2 through us to reliable buyers. It is no secret that the market for LCO2 is dynamic and complex, which is why professional mediation can significantly increase your sales success.

At agriportance, we sell your organic LCO2 for you and offer you an all-inclusive, worry-free package that frees you from the hurdles and challenges of the LCO2 market.

If you are a Bio-LCO2 producer or Bio-CO2 producer and want to sell sustainable CO2 and LCO2, you have come to the right place. CO2 and especially LCO2 - liquid carbon dioxide - are essential in numerous industries. From beverage manufacturing to pharmaceutical applications, the need for this gas is constantly growing. We broker your Bio-LCO2 to exactly these buyers, making the business lucrative for both parties. As an LCO2 producer, you are faced with the task of selling your product profitably and well over the long term - we at agriportance can help.

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Why should you let us market your LCO2?

  1. Market knowledge: As experts, we know the current market prices, trends and sources of demand. With our help, you can ensure that you always get the best possible price for your LCO2.
  2. Network access: With a wide network of potential buyers, we can ensure that your LCO2 will always find a buyer. From the food and beverage industry to the pharmaceutical industry - we have contacts with all the major players in the LCO2 market.
  3. Negotiation skills: As an intermediary, we take care of all the negotiation work for you. Our experienced sales strategists ensure that you always get the best conditions.
  4. Contract Management: We take care of the entire contract processing - from the first contact to the final signing. You save time and resources that you can invest in your core business.
  5. Risk management: By selling your LCO2 through us, you reduce your risk. We ensure that all legal and security aspects are taken into account.

Use our know-how and network to get the most out of your LCO2. Be part of the green revolution by turning your by-product into a valuable raw material that helps reduce your environmental footprint while increasing your profits.

Sustainable CO2 selling and LCO2 selling are both market segments that have gained momentum in recent years. It is not only a question of the environment, but also a question of profitability. CO2 producers and LCO2 producers who integrate sustainability thinking into their business models can secure significant competitive advantages. As an LCO2 producer or CO2 producer, there are several technologies available to capture and liquefy the CO2. One of the most efficient methods is the use of biogas plants. These convert organic waste into bioenergy and CO2. The resulting CO2 can then be liquefied and sold as LCO2.

Whether you are already an established LCO2 producer or just planning to enter the market, it has never been a better time to sell sustainable CO2 and LCO2. The market is changing, and producers who are able to offer sustainable solutions will be the winners of this development.

CO2 or LCO2 from biogas plants are not only sustainable, but also economically attractive. Thanks to subsidy programs and an increasing demand for green products, you can sell your LCO2 at attractive prices. So with the right strategy, you can not only contribute to environmental protection, but also increase your profits. 

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Your advantages: Sell LCO2

Lucrative sideline to biomethane: LCo2
  • sell lucratively
  • reliable customers
  • Benefit from custom-fit contracts and a large network

lucrative and transparent mediation

Large, reliable network of customers

Long and short term deliveries

Broad portfolio of services

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