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The mass balance system plays a central role in the sustainability system and serves as a linking element between claims or assertions about raw materials, intermediate products and end products. It ensures the credibility and verifiability of sustainability claims throughout the manufacturing and supply chain. According to Directive (EU) 2018/2001, economic operators using sustainable bioliquids, biofuels and biomass fuels are required to use a mass balance system and comply with the relevant rules. It is of great importance that the rules, as set out in Articles 26 and 27 of the Directive, are correctly applied and not circumvented.

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Mass balancing: The system

The mass balance system is required in various systems where the sustainability of raw materials, intermediate products and end products is to be verified. It serves as a tool to make the origin and nature of raw materials credible and to ensure that sustainability goals are achieved along the entire value chain.

The mass balance system requires the participation of different actors at each site. The initial collectors are companies that buy and resell biomass from growers/producers or collection points that receive waste/residuals from generating operations. Processing plants such as oil mills, biodiesel and ethanol plants, refineries, and biogas plants feeding into methane fueling stations also play an important role. Furthermore, suppliers upstream and downstream of the final interface are involved, such as traders of raw biogas or gas companies that buy and resell biomethane.

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