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Wir sind der richtige Ansprechpartner um Biomethan zu kaufen. Wir liefern Ihnen den Kraftstoff für Ihre CNG- oder LNG-Tankstelle.

Kaufen Sie Biomethan um Ihre CO2-Bilanz zu verbessern oder aber Ihren Kunden nachhaltigen und zugleich hocheffizienten Kraftstoff in Form von Biogas anzubieten. Wir vermitteln Ihnen fair und effizient, zertifiziertes Biomethan für den Kraftstoffsektor.

BIO fuels, such as Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG, are produced from sustainable substrates.

Das Biomethan was Sie bei uns kaufen, verfügt über die notwendigen Zertifizierungen.

Technisch besteht kein Unterschied zu Erdgas, da Biomethan Erdgas 1 zu 1 ersetzen kann. Bio-LNG kann in jeder beliebigen Mischung in vorhandenen LNG-LKW, oder -Schiffen verwendet werden - ohne technische Veränderungen am Fahrzeug oder Schiff vornehmen zu müssen.

Buy biomethane: green fuel for your projects

Thanks to our service, you can use all the benefits of biomethane independently of your own biogas plants and pass them on to your customers. Fixed prices for the contracted quantities allow you to plan your procurement with certainty.

Kaufen Sie Biomethan bei agriportance und machen Sie mit uns die Welt Stück für Stück nachhaltiger.

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    Your advantages: Buy biomethane

    Buy bio-LNG or bio-CNG reliably at good conditions
    • Buy biomethane at good conditions
    • Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG produced from residual & waste materials
    • Very good CO2-Balance
    • No changes to filling stations and vehicles necessary
    • Offset against the biofuel quota
    • Additional revenue resulting from marketing of natural gas quota
    • Buy biomethane in secured qualities

    Buy certified biomethane in any quality you want

    Large, reliable supply network

    Long and short term deliveries

    Broad portfolio of services

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    Beginnen Sie mit dem Übergang zu dem nachhaltigen Verkehr

    We guarantee the delivery of the Bio-LNG or Bio-CNG according to your individual criteria.

    With us you buy biomethane in the form of Bio-LNG and if required Bio-CNG in secured qualities. Due to our broad national network we are able to provide you with biomethane at good conditions. We adapt the quantity and performance to your individual needs.

    Another advantage is that biomethane production is independent of weather conditions and, unlike other climate-friendly energies, the energy can be stored.

    Save CO2, act sustainably and rely on bio-fuel in the form of Bio-LNG or BIO-CNG.

    Would you like more information on why you should buy biomethane? Feel free to call us or send us an email.

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    Biomethane: A good investment in green gas

    If you are looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source, consider buying biomethane. Biomethane, also known as BIO-CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or Bio-LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the energy transition. Biomethane is a form of renewable methane produced from biological waste such as agricultural waste, food waste or sewage sludge. This makes it a green and sustainable energy source that makes a positive contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions.

    The advantage of choosing to buy biomethane for the fuel sector is clear: you support the development of a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy infrastructure while benefiting from the financial advantages of using biomethane. One important reason to buy biomethane is its versatility. BIO-CNG can be used as a fuel for vehicles, while Bio-LNG is an excellent alternative to conventional natural gas for industrial and commercial applications.

    When you buy BIO-CNG, you can operate your fleet sustainably, as it is a renewable fuel that produces significantly less CO2 emissions than conventional fossil fuels. In this way, you contribute to achieving your sustainability goals and improve your corporate image at the same time.

    When you buy Bio-LNG, you benefit from a high-energy, safe and clean fuel source. It's ideal for applications that require high energy density, such as heavy industry or marine transportation. In addition to being environmentally friendly, biomethane to buy offers economic advantages. Compared to conventional natural gas, the cost of biomethane is often competitive, especially when considering rising fossil fuel prices and increasing CO2 taxes.

    You can conveniently call or mail us and purchase BIO-CNG or buy organic LNG. You can rely on reliable and sustainable energy supply.

    The decision to buy biomethane is a wise and forward-looking one. Not only do you benefit from the ecological advantages, but you can also achieve considerable economic savings. At the same time, you help drive the energy transition and contribute to climate protection. Whether you buy BIO-CNG to power your vehicle fleet or purchase Bio-LNG to power your industrial processes, buying biomethane is an investment in a greener and more sustainable future. It's time to take the step towards renewable energy and buy biomethane.

    Warum sollte man Biomethan kaufen? Informationen zu Bio-LNG und Bio-CNG